I’ll begin this survey off with an entirely intense, to-the-point explanation: the Spot Mayhem 509 is the best by and large Mountain Bikes I’ve ridden to date. Well that is off the beaten path, let me put a couple of admonitions out there it’s not the best time bicycle I’ve ridden (that respect is part between the Spot Rollik and the Ibis HD3)It’s the best bicycle I’ve ridden FOR MY STYLE of riding, which is generally trail riding in the Colorado high nation there are a few damn-close contenders, the Ibis Ripley LS and the Santa Cruz Hightower

Presently back to my supporting proof; indeed, the Spot is the best bicycle I’ve ridden and I realize that is stating a great deal. In any case, the mix of proficiency, plunging ability, and accelerating stage make it precisely what I’m searching for in a trail bicycle. Without a doubt, there are better bicycle choices on the off chance that you ride specialized thick landscape constantly, or in case you’re thumping out 30+ miles of XC riding. In any case, for a do-everything bicycle that won’t burn up all available resources, the folks at Spot nailed it.

For the individuals who aren’t mindful, Chasing Epic accomplices with the group at Spot for half of our demo armada (the other half is included Ibis bicycles) so there’s an undeniable association among us and them. All things considered, we’re exceptionally fussy about the organizations we band together with, and we need to give our customers the best bicycles accessible for our treks. So as a disclaimer to this audit, realize that… and yet, additionally, realize that we don’t get these bicycles for nothing, we need to pay for them simply like any other individual maintaining a business.


The Spot Mayhem is a mid-travel (130mm front and back) 29er, which to us is the ideal “do everything” bicycle for the majority of the people we know. The class of bicycle has detonated as of late, and there are some really hefty contenders out there with the SC Hightower, Ibis Ripley, and the Yeti SB 4.5C. Spot’s extraordinary linkage-called the Living Link-separates them from whatever remains of the bicycles out there, be that as it may, as it’s a protected structure you won’t see anyplace else. For dolts like me, the Living Link replaces the lower turn linkage with a carbon plate (that can flex), which gives it significantly more torsional unbending nature and gives to a greater degree an accelerating stage. Consolidate that with their more extreme seat tube point (74*), and the Mayhem is a brute on any trip you can toss at it, and it pedals through any sort of singletrack without hardly lifting a finger and proficiency.

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On the off chance that you look at our demo armada, you’ll see that we just convey Spot’s 5-star constructs… it’s the center choice of the three decisions they give, and we can’t think about a thing we’d change. For simply over $5000 you get an XO1 Eagle drivetrain, Fox Factory suspension, Stan’s Arch MK3 wheels, SRAM Guide RSC brakes, a BikeYoke Revive dropper and other carbon bits. Since Spot is a shopper direct brand no one but, they can give the majority of that at a much lower value point than the challenge: a likewise spec’ed bicycle from Yeti will run you north of $6000!


In a word: phenomenally. The lofty seat tube point joined with the Living Link, give the Mayhem a climbing ability like no trail bicycle we’ve ridden previously. Of course, you can locate an increasingly effective 29er hardtail that gauges 20 lbs, however, that is contrasting apples and oranges. In the event that you take a gander at different bicycles in its class (like the ones I referenced above), I’ll take the Mayhem over all the others… and I’ve put huge time on each of those except for the Yeti.

Like I said in my Spot Rollik survey, the geometry and the Living Link cooperate to give a mind-boggling stage to accelerating. This enables you to ride with the stun wide open in the specialized territory and not feel like you’re losing any of the power you’re putting into the Best Mountain bikes. Same runs with the Mayhem-I’ve completed 2000 ft moves in the Colorado high nation and soak, punchy moves in the Utah desert, and this bicycle has it just for breakfast. With the quick moving Schwalbe Nobby Nics on the bicycle, this thing is a rocket. One thing I noticed: the bicycle is so tweaked and effective, that it takes a bit to locate the sweet spot for the back stun. More so than some other bicycle I’ve had in our Chasing Epic demo armada… yet once you locate the ideal weight, the bicycle works immaculately.


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You got it, the Mayhem dives really damn well as well. To me, the bicycle feels increasingly steady and “husky” on specialized drops than comparative bicycles I’ve ridden like the BMC TrailFox or the in advance of referenced Ibis Ripley LS. As I discussed over, the back stun unquestionably takes a little adjusting, or else you may feel like the Mayhem is a bit unreasonably solid for your loving. In any case, once more, when you get the back stun dialed in and to your preferred, it’s very smooth and extravagant. I like to depict the ride as “planted” and “stable”. The first occasion when I rode the Mayhem before this spring, I figured out how to clock about six PRs on my neighborhood test track (Hall Ranch outside of Boulder) and it didn’t feel like I was attempting.

I do figure you can achieve the bicycle’s constraints on the more brawny trails in spots like Moab and Fruita: when the territory gets extremely specialized and unpleasant, I’d preferably be shaking the Rollik over the Mayhem. The vast majority of those confinements are because of the little travel, to be completely forthright. In any case, all things considered, I’d be impeccably glad riding the Mayhem for four days in Moab realizing that the areas of the trail where its over-coordinated are fundamentally less than those where the bicycle sparkles.

I’m working with the Spot folks to supplant the back Fox Float EVOL with the fresher Fox DPX2, and I believe that will essentially change the bicycle on the unpleasant landscape and bring another dimension of “smoothness” to the ride trademark. Furthermore, they offer a move up to the Fox 36 140mm in advance, and that will tackle every one of your issues for substantial hitting trails (we don’t have any 140mm forks on our demo bicycles this year, too bad).


We get this inquiry a great deal, and I for one believe it’s the most ideal approach to separate a Schwinn Bicycle and how it fits into the market (and your particular riding style). I’ve ridden the Mayhem a lot this year, and I’ve put a lot of time on both the Ibis Ripley LS-which we likewise convey and the BMC SpeedFox 29er. Every one of the three bicycles sits immovably in that “trail 29er” class that is so famous.

Ibis Ripley LS: To me, the Mayhem climbs superior to the Ripley, and it’s a progressively steady inclination bicycle on the plummets. All things considered, the Ripley LS is a lighter bicycle, and it’s a progressively fun loving bicycle with respect to its taking care of. I would pick the Ripley on the off chance that you will in general support the XC side of “trail riding” and your trails are more agreeable, and the Mayhem in case you’re more on the “all mountain” side and are somewhat harder on your bicycle.

BMC SpeedFox 29: The SpeedFox was most likely the best climbing trail 29er I’ve at any point ridden-they had that thing developed so light and quick (full XTR, around 26 lbs for a size medium) that it was a buck on the ascensions. So with respect to climbing, the BMC takes the cake. All things considered, I’ll take the Mayhem in every single other circumstance: plunging, accelerating, bicycle taking care of, and so forth. Santa Clause Cruz Hightower (Bonus!): First, an admonition I’ve just ridden the Hightower a couple of days in Brevard, NC prior this year, yet I truly preferred the bicycle and had it on some genuinely beefy territory in Pisgah NF, alongside some quick, flowy trails in Dupont State Forest. To me, the Hightower is the nearest correlation point to the Mayhem that exists available today. I would state the Mayhem climbs 5-10% superior to the Hightower, and the Hightower is 5-10% increasingly fun on the plummets; that is to state, I’d be content with either bicycle for pretty much any sort of territory out there.


In the event that you couldn’t guess at this point, I totally love the Mayhem. Also, from the input we’ve gotten over the initial 1/3 of our 2019 outings, so do our customers. We’ve run trips in Moab, St. George, and Fruita up to this point and everybody has given rave surveys for the Mayhem in some entirely specialized landscape. I’m eager to perceive what people think once we hit the high-nation trails of Crested Butte and Angel Fire!

In case you’re searching for an incredible trail bicycle, I figure the Spot Mayhem should be unequivocally thought of it as’ a stunning equalization of climbing, sliding, and accelerating all stuffed into a well thoroughly considered form pack that won’t use up every last cent. We’re stirred to give this bicycle to our riders this year, and we anticipate developing with the folks at Spot as they spread the news and more people ride their bicycles!

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