For our 2019 Chasing Epic demo bicycle armada, we’re super fed to work only with Ibis! This year, we’ll be conveying three of the Best Mountain Bicycles available: the fresh out of the box new Ripmo, the uber-proficient Ripley LS, and the tried and true Mojo 3. Between these three bicycles, we’re certain our customers will have all that they have to assault every one of our seven goals at full speed. What’s more, obviously, every single one of our 2019 treks incorporates your decision of one of these bicycles for each of the four days.

Like forever, our demo bicycles are all carbon-surrounded brutes that are spec’ed with top-notch segments beyond any doubt to keep you blessing the trail. NEW FOR 2019, we’re banding together with Industry Nine to convey their full-custom Enduro 305 wheelsets on the majority of our bicycles. These wheels are overly hardened, light, and offer close moment commitment to enable you to squash the trips and demolish the specialized areas anyplace you’re riding with us.



Beneath you’ll discover more subtleties on every one of the three bicycles, just as some ongoing audits you may get a kick out of the chance to peruse to you stirred on your trek… and to settle on your choice considerably more troublesome!

bis Ripmo 29er: The Ritmo has been evaluated by numerous Road Bicycle magazines as the best new bicycle of 2018, and we concur. With a productive accelerating stage and all that anyone could need travel to get you through pretty much anything, you’re going to adore this bicycle paying little heed to where you ride. Sizes conveyed: M, L, XL

Dropper: BikeYoke Revive 160

Travel Spec: 160mm Front, 145mm Rear

Drivetrain: SRAM GX Eagle, 32t chainring w/ 10-50t Cassette

Fork: Fox 36 Performance 160mm

Wheels: Industry Nine Enduro 305 custom

Shock: Fox DPX2

Pinkbike, Enduro MTB, Outdoor Gear Lab

bis Ripley LS: Despite “just” having 130mm of front travel, the Ripley LS can deal with completely all that you toss at it: from soaks in Moab to throughout the day sagas in Crested Butte. It’s brisk taking care of 29er that moves over everything in sight and is as adaptable as it is delightful. Expedite it. Sizes conveyed: L, XL.

Dropper: BikeYoke Revive 160mm

Travel Spec: 130mm front, 120mm rear

Wheels: Industry Nine Enduro 305 Custom

Drivetrain: SRAM GX Eagle 1×12

Fork: Fox 34 Performance 130

Shock: Fox EVOL 3-pos CTD

BicyclesOrbit Pink Bikes

Bike Mag, Mountain Bike Action, Singletrack World

   Travel Spec: 140mm front, 130mm rear

Wheels: Industry Nine Enduro 305 Custom

Dropper: BikeYoke Revive

Fork: Fox 34 Performance 140mm

Drivetrain: SRAM GX Eagle 1 x 12

Shock: Fox EVOL Float DPS

Fanatik Bike, Enduro MTB, Pinkbike

PinkBikes BicycleOrbit MountainBikes

Please note: because of size constraints we’re not ready to ensure you’ll get your first decision for your trek, however, we’ll do our damnedest to ensure you’re stirred on the Schwinn Bicycle you get.

Furthermore, in Brevard and Sun Valley we may need to substitute an alternate make/show because of movement separations, however, you’ll be riding something fundamentally the same as in both geometry and part spec.

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