Schwinn Adapt 3 Folding Bike

Cost: Around $200 – Available on BicyclesOrbit.COM

Pros: Seems like a full-sized bike, conveniently foldable, multiple types of equipment, travel luggage shelf

Cons: Heavy, tires, pedals

Summary: Even with a couple of missteps, the Loop still provides an excellent level of performance that makes sure to make your commutes easier.

Our Ranking: 80/100

Producer: Schwinn

Folding Bikes essentially come in two different choices nowadays. You can choose the actually simple kinds that have marginal parts, or you can opt for a bike with even more features.

Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike

In years past, if you desired extra features as well as components, you had to agree to pay a significant cost. The Schwinn Loop Folding Bike supplies an option for those who want greater than a bare-bones bike for their commute, yet insufficient to pay dual the cash.

The Loop provides the very same included functions as well as abilities of Higher-End Folding Commuter Bikes, however at a lot more budget friendly cost. The end result is an Economical Traveler Bike that makes every day to and fro a little much easier to manage, without draining your checking account.

Schwinn 20-Inch Loop

While the lower cost indicates compromising in a few locations, the Schwinn Loop Folding Bike still supplies an impressive level of performance that quickly equals many of the bikes set you back hundreds more.


  • STRUCTURE: Enhanced Lightweight aluminum
  • BREAKSET: Front as well as back brakes
  • SHIFTERS: Shimano Revo Shift Twist Shifters
  • DIMENSIONS: 35 x 15 x 35 inches
  • WEIGHT: 35 extra pounds
  • ADDED FEATURES: Complete cover fenders and rear carrying shelf.
  • COST: Check the most current rate on BicyclesOrbit.Com

The Folding Bike Schwinn Loop is successful in making deluxe folding traveler bikes much more obtainable to those that or else would not agree to pay the money.

Schwinn Adapt 3 Folding Bike

It’s understandable this way of thinking. Commuter Bikes aren’t precisely one of the most flexible modes of transportation, so it is hard to convince some bikers to invest the exact same quantity of money that might obtain them a very Wonderful Road Bikes or Mountain Bicycle.

Still,  Folding Commuter Bikes fill a critical demand for those that need a Flexible and Efficient Bike that can help make their travels a lot easier, particularly when it involves condensing the bike down to a much more mobile dimension.

The heart of the Schwinn Loop Folding Bikes starts with the framework, which is made from enhanced lightweight aluminum to ensure added stamina and also security for the day-to-day demands of city riding.

When completely set up, the Loop weighs around 34 extra pounds. Not the lightest you’ll come across by any means, however still ample.

The Loop utilizes an extremely basic middle joint that is located on the frame’s main tube, near to the crankset.

Schwinn Folding Bike 7-Speed

A quick-release latch allows the framework pivot on a joint, which after that swings inwards. From there, the handlebars fold up down, and the seat post can be fallen down right into the structure to conserve room. When the bike is totally broken down, it can be carried by the attached back luggage shelf that is currently facing upwards.

The drivetrain on the Folding Bike Schwinn Loop consists of 7 gears that use plenty of variance in between for better performance, specifically when you require quick acceleration or maintaining a high speed when room allows.

The Loop’s caliper brakes on the front as well as rear wheels supply good quitting power that is likewise easy to control. The supported seat is comfortable sufficient, and the pedals offer your feet ample coverage.

The wheelset includes 20-inch alloy wheels with 30 spokes, which are more than enough to aid prevent flexing on the edges from typical riding. Semi-slick tires with a smooth street tread give the bike strong grip on paved surfaces.

Some additionals of the Loop include the abovementioned baggage rack that is actually a part of the frame, as well as fenders over both tires to maintain you completely dry from pools that may remain in your course.

All of this for just over $300. The Loop is a great worth completely around and gives travelers all of the added functions they might wish to assist enhance their riding experience every day.


The Loop Rides like a Complete Size Bike, which we can’t claim about some other Folding Commuter Bikes.

While Schwinn does give a lot of attention to the various riding functions, they really did not overlook the folding element. The Schwinn Loop Bike folds down as well as compacts really promptly, and also you’ll get the hang of it quickly. If the component of your commute consists of public transit, you’ll certainly appreciate this.

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike 20-Inch

We’re big fans of Multi-Gear Commuter Bikes, so it comes as no surprise that we were thrilled to see that it offered 7 total rates. The added gears provide you a lot easier trip that doesn’t tire you out near as much.

Another point we like regarding the Loop is the baggage rack, for two factors.

One, the reality that it’s actually bonded to the frame makes it much sturdier than a few of the detachable ones you see on various other bikes that are lightweight. Secondly, it makes a terrific manage to lug the bike with when it’s folded. Small information certainly, however, it makes points a lot easier.


The primary drawback of the Loop its weight. 34 extra pounds can be rather hefty after you have actually been riding, making it a little more difficult to bring around in between trips. The tradeoff is that you’ll most likely obtain a little stronger in the process, so maybe it’s, in fact, a good thing?

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

The tires are a little on the cheap side, and also will likely require to be upgraded at some point. They are no various from the low-cost pedals you see on those under $100 bikes at large retail chains.


Like most bikes you order online, the Loop is not fully constructed– unless you spend for it to be. While some might offer the assembly a shot themselves, they’ll likely wind up taking it to a bike shop to end up the work.

Save on your own some time as well as a hassle by paying the added cost to have BicyclesOrbit.COm do it for you instead. You’ll thank yourself later.


Schwinn Loop Folding Bikes

In general, the Schwinn Loop Folding Bike has to make some compromises to keep the price as reduced as it is, yet it’s greater than reasonable. Despite a few missteps, the Loop still offers a superb level of performance that is sure to make your commutes easier.

If you want a packed folding traveler bike, yet need to save some cash, the Schwinn Loop Bike is the only method to go.

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