The NAKTO Electric Mountain Folding Bicycle has a lot of highlights that make it a champ in our book! It is made with high-quality carbon steel. It additionally offers stun retention to add to your solace when taking it on long rides. It accompanies a horn and a splendid LED headlamp to make night driving safety.

NAKTO Mountain Electric Bike Newest 2019 Packaging.jpg

The slowing mechanism incorporates a front V brake and a back extension brake. With a 6-speed transmission, you’ll have the control you requirement for wellbeing and an extraordinary encounter on the trails.

NAKTO Mountain Electric Bike Newest 2019.jpg

The removable lithium battery will enable you to go 22-28 miles as an e-bicycle and up to 35 miles as a power-help. Utilize the two modes conversely relying upon how far you’re going, how tired you are, and what feels directly at some random time.

NAKTO Mountain Electric Folding Bike Newest 2019.jpg

NAKTO Mountain Electric Bicycle Key Features:

  • Two modes for adaptability
  • Solid, solid casing
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Dependable lithium battery
  • Front and back brakes

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