SRAM derailleur compatibility  

The circumstance is somewhat more straightforward with the American part goliath and we’ve abridged the central matters beneath.

7-/8-/9-speed SRAM components are all between perfect, paying little mind to whether they are Road or Mountain Bicycle Parts.


10-speed SRAM  Components are between perfect, paying little mind to whether they are street or off-road bicycle parts — for instance, you could run street shifters with a Mountain Bicycle Back Derailleur.

10-and 11-speed SRAM Mountain Bicycle Components is not between good

10-and 11-speed SRAM Road Parts are between perfect — which means you could run a 10-speed, SRAM Redback Derailleur with a couple of SRAM 22 shifters

Consolidating 10-speed Road shifters with a Mountain bicycle Derailleur is well known among those searching for a genuine, 1X set up on a ‘go across or Road Bicycle at a lower cost than CX1.

For clearness, regardless of visual likenesses, SRAM’s Force CX1 11-speed Groupsets are not perfect with 11-speed Mountain Bicycle Parts as they each utilization distinctive link pull proportions (however it will work with 10-speed, street shifters).

Campagnolo derailleur Compatibility

In an un-ordinarily Campagnolo Design, the cross similarity between various ages of groupsets is genuinely straightforward as there are no Mountain Bicycle Derailleur (truly, we realize they made Euclid and a large group of other rough terrain bits path back) to fight with.

In any case, as is ordinary of Campag’, there is the odd prosper of ungainliness.

Every one of the 8-and 9-speed Campagnolo Derailleur before mid-2001 utilized a similar force proportion and are good with one another. This age of parts is regularly alluded to as ‘Goofy old’

After mid-2001, Campagnolo began utilizing an overhauled force proportion for its more current 9-speed pack, and these and every one of the 10-(and 11-speed) Groupsets from this period are between good — for instance you could run an Athena derailleur with Record shifters


Be that as it may, presently things get increasingly entangled (or basic, contingent upon what direction you take a gander at it) with slight changes to the entirety of Campagnolo’s Groupsets bringing about diminished between the similarity between groupsets.

So, these progressions have influenced a large portion of its Drivetrain Parts (distinctive width base section cups bring about adjusted chain lines, diverse link pull proportions, and so forth) and perfect parts are set apart by a letter encompassed by a square box — basically, if the entirety of your segments have the equivalent stepped letter ‘An’ or ‘B’ on them, they’ll cooperate.

Campagnolo gives a considerably more intensive portrayal of the progressions here and we exceptionally prescribe you read through this guide cautiously before focusing on any new parts from the Italian marque.

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